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A Specialty Foods Market promoting Clean & Healthy Eating

A Specialty Foods Market promoting Clean & Healthy Eating

A Specialty Foods Market promoting Clean & Healthy EatingA Specialty Foods Market promoting Clean & Healthy EatingA Specialty Foods Market promoting Clean & Healthy Eating



Holistic Nutrition

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) with experience in the areas of Cancer and Autisim/children’s development, Lisa uses foods, nutrients and lifestyle to address health challenges. Lisa is passionate about sustainability and the health of our environment, and enjoys writing about how and why to make simple changes and motivating others to pay attention to how food affects us. 

We are excited to collaborate with Lisa, and to bring her blog posts to you, to share her experiences, offer some advice and perspective and answer some of your questions.

“I love a good puzzle and helping people to find custom solutions to health challenges. Looking at clusters of symptoms and other factors, helps to point us to what is working and what is not and help us to move forward from there. No one diet works for everyone, but there are general rules that are helpful in what we eat, and clean, real, whole foods and clean water is key.

It’s been widely recognized that diet, nutrients and lifestyle have the most profound impact on health, including Cancer, Autism, as well as many other diseases or injuries. Whether it is bowel issues, diabetes, heart disease, mental health, or children’s development, what we put on our plate is key to addressing what is problematic in our lives and finding a better quality of life.”

Lisa Aschenbrenner, RHN


Vegetarian Food Blog

Deepthi Sistla is a vegetarian food blogger and recipe developer from Hyderabad, South India. While originally from a city known for its mouth-watering Biryanis, Deepthi now calls Calgary her home, and started blogging in order to share her culinary journey with her family and friends. The recipes that you will find on her blog range from foods that she grew up eating in India to creations that were a product of her culinary imagination and fusion.  

Deepthi’s passion for cooking and understanding of nutrition, grew exponentially when she moved to North America, after being exposed to many multicultural environments and cuisines. This love of the many wonderful “Foods of the World” has only been strengthened by Deepthi’s love of travelling. She loves to try out as many of the local favourites as possible, in the places that she visits and brings the recipes that she has learned home to her kitchen.

While Deepthi enjoys cooking for her family at home, she also loves to try dishes that are new to her as well.  You’ll find Deepthi’s recipes to be full of wholesome ingredients like lentils, whole grains, vegetables, milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs and of course - lots of spices. 

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, and love the spices of traditional Indian cooking, check out Deepthi’s blog and try out some of her favourites!